Take Your Credit to the Next Level

Our learning tools help develop a score mentality and will increase the value of your signature. From learning the basics, to using credit as a wealth building tool, we have you covered!

Credit & Wealth Education Services


Simple breakdown of everything you were never told about credit. This video membership allows you to work at your own pace.


Wealth building workshops are targeted to give the specific coaching help you need. If you didn’t get this in school, get it here.


Whether you need more personalized help or a way to make extra money as an affiliate, we have custom solutions for you.

Use Your Credit to Build Wealth

It’s said that there is “more than one way to skin a cat.” Likewise, there is more than one way use credit to increase your bottom line. Learning to use your personal credit to save money and build wealth is an advance skill and we can help with our more customized programs. 

You also can make money as an affiliate by spreading the Next Level Credit & Funding philosophy to your clients, friends, or colleagues. We welcome individuals and business owners to become a partner in this journey.

The First Step to Achieving Good Credit

American consumers have too much at stake to blindly plan the credit game. The time is now for a play. The 10 Credit Building Commandments Workbook introduces a life-changing philosophy and step by step exercises, taking you from mastering credit basics to wealth building techniques.